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110.000 for VOLT FESTIVAL. Rock over Hungary!
Breaking all records, 110 thousand people visited VOLT Festival in Sopron, Hungary. Moreover, 1 million viewers followed many of the concerts via Ustream from their homes. VOLT Festival took place between 3-6 July with an excellent family atmosphere and a great line-up, right at the Austrian border.

Zoltán Fülöp and Norbert Lobenwein, main organizers of VOLT Festival have summed up their impressions of this year’s VOLT Festival: „Since we closed the festival many Hungarian and international fans have posted and messaged us and assured that VOLT is the most beloved festival of Hungary. Besides the record number of visitors we are very happy that VOLT became an event where every generation found their programs and among the many fans, many kids have attended as well. We believe that VOLT has the best festival audience. You just have to take a walk among the crowd and it’s easy to confirm. We are proud also that no crime has happened.”
The great atmosphere of the festival has been visible for the bands as well. For instance the singer of Hurts, after their concert in Sopron told the organizers, that he thinks that among the festivals he has attended, VOLT is the best festival after Glastonbury.
Saturday was the most popular day, 30.000 people have visited the festival on the last day of the festival, when 8 all-star international acts were on stage.
Many concerts were streamed live by Telekom, thanks to the technical support of Ustream, and during the 4 days more than 1 million viewers were interested in the program, for instance the concert of Jamie Woon or Hurts.

Within the project of „Sopron, the city of stars” eight stars could sign and decorate a chair, made by István ef. Zámbó. Hurts, Example, Queens of the Stone Age or the German Sven Vath, gladly accepted this gesture and the chairs will be seen in the public spots of Sopron.

VOLT Headliner - Josh Homme with Queens Of The Stone Age

The New Széchenyi Plan Adventure Park, situated by the Telekom Main Stage that was dressed up in robot, was not only popular among the fans, but the singer of Papa Roach has spotted it as well, so he and his son has slid on the 100-meter ride above the crowd of the Main Stage. Afterwards he enjoyed the Billy Talent concert right from the audience. VOLT also witnessed a special connection between two of the main acts: while Marky Ramone and his band played on the OTP Bank – Petõfi Radio stage, the singer of Bullet For My Valentine, playing at the same time on the Telekom Main Stage, has played in a Ramones shirt.
The Telekom VOLT Art Workshop was also a success this year, where famous Hungarian artists, like Éva Magyarosi, Nóra Soós, András Wahorn, Márton Gyõri and István ef. Zámbó have made robots with the help of the VOLT fans. Also at this venue, the mega-robot of Telekom was built out of 1,500 used cell phones. With this action Telekom aimed to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. They have asked the fans to bring their old cell phones with them to the festival and take part in their newest sustainability project. This mega-robot not only symbolizes the message of the importance of sustainability, but is a piece of art as well. All these will find their new home through an auction.
The VOLT audience not only partied at the festival, but helped a lot through the blood bank. The action is now alive for the 9th occasion and this year was a ground breaking success: the 600 people donating blood has helped 1500 people in need. This action is a national record in Hungary.
Sunday morning thousands of guest left the Lõvér Camping of Sopron, without doubt that they will come back next year as we all know: It is good everywhere, but the best in Sopron!

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mit Queens Of The Stone Age im Line-Up in Sopron

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