ROSKILDE Festival 2021 SOLD OUT. -
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ROSKILDE Festival 2021 SOLD OUT.
Roskilde (Denmark) sold all available tickets for Roskilde Festival 2021. They are looking forward to creating yet another fantastic festival – thereby continuing our non-profit work for young people all over the world.

Since the cancellation of this year’s festival due to COVID-19 unfortunately became a reality, the Roskilde team have received support in spades from participants and partners alike.

"Our social medias have been overflowing with encouragement and now – we are happy to say – words have been followed by action. An overwhelming majority of you ticket holders have gracefully chosen to transfer your ticket from the festival 2020 to 2021. Thank you! We never dared to hope for this kind of support which has been immensely useful for us in our work to begin creating a festival in 2021 already now."

A small batch (15 per cent) of the tickets for 2020 has been refunded and today they were sold in a few hours – meaning that there are now no full festival tickets left for 2021.

"We have not yet begun selling one day tickets. They will go in sale in the autumn. From us to you: A huge thank you for supporting us by securing a ticket for the festival 2021. It means the world to us to feel the support from you and the 79.999 others who now have a ticket."

The next Roskilde Festival will take place 26 June - 3 July 2021.

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